DP 1 Objectives

Explore and improve upon my creativity skills and talents by:

(a) Keep up my commitment to music by refining my piano playing and participating in more live performances.

(b) Exploring new creativity skills by undertaking the challenge of learning how to play the violin.

(c) Reflecting on my creative efforts by analyzing my skills and improvements and determining how to get better.

Show significant development in my activities by:

(a) Exploring activities that are new to me such as dance.

(b) Participating in activities that I am already familiar with such as badminton and determining how to improve upon my skills.

(c) Exercising regularly during the weekends (through jogging and swimming) in order to to stay fit for SAISA sports starting later on in the academic year.

Prove my dedication to service in the community and determine how to increase the quality of my efforts by:

(a) Committing to the service “Hope for Kids” and exploring the ways in which I can help and collaborate with my group.

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