Being involved in issues of global importance

During our CAS block this semester, we have been focusing on individual CAS objectives in order to gauge whether we are fully engage in each one. Last block, we discussed a CAS objective that requires us to look beyond ourselves and take responsibility for the issues in our world.

During the discussion, I reflected on the two very different ways with which I am currently approaching issues of global importance.


Thursdays with the kids

Through my service, Hope for Kids, I am able to better understand the gravity of issues such as cancer by interacting with patients in our local community. Raising funds to make the lives of these tiny patients more joyful becomes much more meaningful after communicating with them and working together. I feel that my service, in addition to providing hope for kids, also enables us, the members, to face such problems head on and teaches us that contributing to our community does not stop at simply donating some money.

Through MUN, I come across and engage with many global issues, although in a very


Resolution Writing in MUN

different capacity to Hope For Kids. In MUN I have improved upon my debating skills and have learnt to look at world issues in a more critical and analytical way. Having participated in MUN, I have realized the importance of not only being informed on current issues, bit also actively looking for a solution.

Being able to address this CAS objective in different ways has allowed me to truly engage with it and make progress towards it.


MUN Practice Debates


GA3 Practice Debate [Photo Credits: Smriti Nagarajan]

COMUN 2016 is soon approaching and I am currently polishing my debating skills in the practice debates. Over the last few months, I have attended two practice debates and am fervently researching for the third, which will take place on the 30th of January.

The topic for the final debate is:

Developing a framework to mitigate the detrimental effects of a rapidly emergent sex tourism industry with special emphasis on the South Asian Region.

As the delegate of Belarus, I will need to approach the topic in my nation’s interest and make sure I represent the country’s foreign policy accurately.

IMG_5457The practice debates have allowed me to once again familiarize myself with MUN procedure from last year and gain invaluable practice at drafting resolutions and posing comprehensive ideas to debate. Additionally, the practice debates have allowed me to get to know my committee, GA3, as well as my chairs and fellow delegates. Having several other delegates from OSC in my committee has allowed me to debate more confidently as we always make it a point to support each other and ensure we all have fun debating. Although we hadn’t met before, the other members in my delegation were also very friendly and helpful and allowed me to make connections with other schools in Colombo. Building relationships and connections with the other delegates will really help me in COMUN 2016 as I will have to work with them to make strong resolutions.

Going into the third practice debate, I am drawing upon my experiences from the last two, and have formed specific objectives to achieve. For the third practice debate, I am aiming to:

(a) Strengthen my moderated caucus topics so that they will be debated in committee

(b) Communicate better during unmoderated caucus in order to be more involved in operative writing

(c) Bring up more pertinent points during debate

Having gotten into the flow of committee procedure, and having gotten some much needed practice during school meetings, I am looking forward to taking part in the third practice debate.


Christmas with the Kids

On the 10th of December 2015, Christmas magic was taking place at OSC. In a corner of the library filled with holiday cheer, the members of Hope for Kids could be found wrapping presents for the children they normally visited on Thursday afternoons. I was one of these members and I thought it was the best service meeting we had that semester.

Having planned Christmas at the hospital a few weeks earlier, the presents and the wrapping paper were already bought and all that was left to do was wrap them up for the kids to tear open. Not being a skilled wrapper of gifts, this was a learning experience for me as, after the first few presents, I really got into the flow of it and found it to be surprisingly fun.

One reason for my enjoyment of gift wrapping was due to the kids themselves. While wrapping up each gift, I imagined the fun the kids would have unwrapping them, joy they really deserved for all their bravery facing the odds against them. Another reason why I really enjoyed this meeting was because it was a great bonding experience for all the members of the service, since we ended up sprawled around the library talking while wrapping up the gifts.

Right before we left for the day, Miss Tanuja, the teacher in charge of our service, decorated christmas cards to attach to the presents. Maya, another member of Hope For Kids, and I then wished them a Merry Christmas in Sinhala on the cards.

Given all the fun I had wrapping up the gifts, I was very excited for the next service day, right before winter break, when we would give the presents to the kids. Unfortunately, I turned out to be very sick that week, and couldn’t make it to the hospital. I was very disappointed, but thinking back on it, I feel it was just as important to help out with wrapping the presents as it ended up bringing the kids happiness.

After the winter break, I talked to the other members of Hope for Kids about how the gift giving went. My friends all said that it was a really nice evening where they visited all the kids and the caretakers at the hospital to reward them for all their hard work and bravery.

Although I didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with the kids I’ve been getting to know over the past semester, I’m glad I still got to contribute to their enjoyment of it.