Being involved in issues of global importance

During our CAS block this semester, we have been focusing on individual CAS objectives in order to gauge whether we are fully engage in each one. Last block, we discussed a CAS objective that requires us to look beyond ourselves and take responsibility for the issues in our world.

During the discussion, I reflected on the two very different ways with which I am currently approaching issues of global importance.


Thursdays with the kids

Through my service, Hope for Kids, I am able to better understand the gravity of issues such as cancer by interacting with patients in our local community. Raising funds to make the lives of these tiny patients more joyful becomes much more meaningful after communicating with them and working together. I feel that my service, in addition to providing hope for kids, also enables us, the members, to face such problems head on and teaches us that contributing to our community does not stop at simply donating some money.

Through MUN, I come across and engage with many global issues, although in a very


Resolution Writing in MUN

different capacity to Hope For Kids. In MUN I have improved upon my debating skills and have learnt to look at world issues in a more critical and analytical way. Having participated in MUN, I have realized the importance of not only being informed on current issues, bit also actively looking for a solution.

Being able to address this CAS objective in different ways has allowed me to truly engage with it and make progress towards it.