Goals For The Gala Concert 2015

On the 09th of December 2015 OSC is hosting it’s annual winter gala. As a new student this year, I’ve come to learn that the winter gala is a fun and creative way for students to celebrate the season and showcase their talents.

As an IB DP music student, and as someone who loves to play the piano, I am looking forward to taking part in the gala concert. I am accompanying on the piano for two instrumental pieces ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and  ‘Viva La Vida’, for the string ensemble, consisting of two violins and a cello.

In preparation for this performance, I have been rehearsing with the ensemble for the past two weeks. Since this is my first experience playing as an ensemble, the practices are proving to be challenging and educational; I am developing new skills as a music student, such as learning to play strictly on tempo in order to stay in tune with the rest of the instruments, and collaborating with other musicians.

This performance will be my first step towards achieving my CAS goals for creativity, and an experience from which I hope to gain new skills, collaborate with others and undertake new challenges that allow me to develop as a musician.

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