Planning For Hope

After Hope for Kids Service started at the beginning of the semester, we have paid many visits to the hospital and had two official meetings. During these meetings, we have started to plan our next fund raising idea for the service.

From talking to members who were present last year, I found out that a popular activity with the kids was decorating shirts with paint and handprints, an activity that the kids really seemed to enjoy. the service took this idea one step further last year, by selling these shirts alongside other trinkets to raise money for future Hope for Kids activities. The buyers also really loved this idea because they were able to purchase a product made by kids enjoying themselves and expressing their creativity.

This year, we decided to use this idea as inspiration for our next fundraiser. Last week, we took beads, thread and other jewelry making supplies to the hospital with us. After an hour filled with genuine enjoyment, we left, taking with us bracelets that we had made together with the kids, but leaving behind the ones they made on their own and that we made for them, along with the remaining supplies so that they could continue on with this activity.

From the last visit, we have collected approximately 20 bracelets and necklaces. Our final decision on venue, date and other products to sell alongside these bracelets will be decided during our next meeting.

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